John Small

John specialises in competition and regulatory economics plus mergers and commercial disputes. A director of Covec with 25 years consulting experience, he was formerly an academic economist at the University of Auckland. John’s industrial experience covers all major utility industries, the communications, transport and energy sectors, primary production, banking and payments, and intellectual property.

John is frequently called as an expert witness before courts, tribunals and commissions. He also develops and runs training courses, designs tailored research projects and provides ad-hoc advice to lawyers, executives, policy makers and politicians. John has been a lay member of the High Court of New Zealand for the last ten years.

021 666 546


Aaron Schiff (associate)

Aaron helps clients to understand complex issues through the use of data analysis, empirical modelling, and data visualisation. He has developed forecasting and predictive models for clients in various sectors including land transport, tourism and aviation, water and electricity networks, banking and payments, and communications.

Aaron also has considerable experience in competition and regulatory economics. He has advised on competition and major regulatory issues in telecommunications, and has served clients in diverse infrastructure sectors including transport and aviation, electricity, and payments.





Tim Denne

Tim is a Covec Director. He is an economist with over 25 years’ experience in policy, economic and financial analysis, and design of policy instruments and markets. His work involves the application of economics to natural resource, energy, transport, environment and health issues. It includes cost benefit analyses, policy and tariff design, asset valuations, price and demand projections.

Previously he has worked as an economics consultant in the UK, for central government in NZ (including as head of climate change policy at MfE) and was a founding Director of the UK government’s Climate Impacts Programme. He was Deputy Director of a Washington DC-based policy think tank, was strategy leader at the Auckland Regional Council and has held university research posts in New Zealand and the UK.

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