Policy analysis + design

Sound public policy requires careful, fact-based analysis. It anticipates the reactions of firms and individuals, and is designed so these reactions result in good outcomes.
We investigate markets (or their absence), and use theory and analysis to help public agencies deliver the best possible results.

Some examples of our forecasting and analytical work include:

  • Helping to design the emissions trading scheme (ETS) for greenhouse gases for the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment. As part of the original design team we also helped develop policy for industrial allocation of emissions units and reviewed progress of the ETS after implementation.
  • Analysing options for risk-based approaches to charging for alcohol sales licenses, for the New Zealand Ministry of Justice.
  • Evaluating the effects of New Zealand’s international air transport liberalisation policy, for the New Zealand Ministry of Transport.
  • Cost benefit analysis of the governments subsidy programme for household insulation.
  • Cost benefit analysis of HIV prevention programmes.
  • Cost benefit analyses for local government including sports stadium location options (Auckland Council) and beach erosion control (Waikato Regional Council).