Strategy + market analysis

Business decisions are most successful when backed by strategic insight and analysis. Our clients prosper by using the best possible information base. We also design new markets and help to develop successful collaborations.

Our services include helping businesses to understand demand in their market and to optimise prices, assessing the effects of technological trends on competition, analysing the drivers of business costs, and benchmarking the performance of businesses and market outcomes.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Design of efficient tariffs for water and wastewater services, taking into account cost and demand characteristics, for Watercare Services.
  • Analysis of the level of demand for rural broadband services, to support the business case for investment in rural wireless infrastructure, for Vodafone New Zealand.
  • Review of developments and trends in retail electronic payments systems, to help a major retail chain to develop a payments strategy.
  • Advice on the potential for markets in freshwater allocation for the Ministry for the Environment.
  • Analysis of the potential market implications of banning certain anti-fouling paints for the EPA.
  • Advice on the valuation of radio spectrum and competitive effects of spectrum allocations.